My Team

“The only way for digital innovations to effectively make our cities and regions more climate-change-resilient is through synergies and people.”

While I’m humbled by various recognitions and successes, the focus remains on the collaborative pursuit of innovation rather than personal accolades. In that regard, I am honoured to lead a dedicated team of brilliant minds shared below. I have had the opportunity to collaborate with passionate researchers who share a commitment to addressing global water challenges.


These collective endeavours of ours aim to push the boundaries of knowledge, seeking sustainable solutions for smart urban water management. Together, we navigate the complexities and socio-economic aspects of water management with a shared sense of responsibility, acknowledging the value each team member brings to our mission of ensuring a resilient, sustainable, and water-secure future.

Giannis Adamos
Beyza Ergunol
Beyza Ergunol
Giorgos Hatzinakos
Alexandra Ioannou
Dorothea Kasiteropoulou
Dimitris Kofinas
Nikolaos Mellios
Stelios Mimis
Alexandra Spyropoulou
Georgia Tseva
Amaryllis Zachariadou
Amaryllis Zachariadou
Konstantinos Ziliaskopoulos